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agile relevant tech solutions to accelerate purpose and improve humanity.

Current digital innovations are enabling a new wave of efficiency in humanity. Evolution to deliver customer experiences with scalable human connections Digital humans are AI-powered customer experience ambassadors that recreate human interaction to emerging scale technologies is speeding our purpose and improving the agile user experience. Digital integration is allowing us to improve these experiences as expected by faster data and allowing a seamless delivery of sound, 360º Video Mapping, VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) with AI, and the right tools. FUSE REALITY is a consultant company to help people with digital challenges by reducing the risk of wrong tech investment. Born with the spirit to enable a responsible resilient digital adaptation, FUSE REALITY matches your purpose with the most suitable technologies.

As a perpetual evolutive journey; we embrace the path of digital information and the study of current and upcoming technologies.  With Technologies, we help achieve these potentials by pairing the right experts and applying the right processes. 


If you wish to learn more about our services, simply launch our AI chat and schedule a meeting with our Founder: STEFANO NICOSIA, the future is now!

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STEFANO NICOSIA is the founder of FUSE REALITY Inc. A passionate love affair of technology that started in early childhood, and at age 14, Stefano built an online business and delighted gamers with custom-made game consoles and also custom-made unique powerful computers. Stefano's family was required to move between the USA, Europe, and Asia. These settings had some advantages to languages and cultures, exposed to large brands media content, and brand intelligence, he spotted tech opportunities. With determination and only 16yr old, Stefano built his first VR set in Singapore out of a cardboard box and connected a pair of headphones to introduce a fully functional VR experience. Shortly after presenting to his father, he drafted his first business plan to launch it as FUSE REALITY gaggles and presented it to Samsung, LG, and Luxottica. Not able to solve some of the technical requirements due to IP and multiple parts, he decided to switch toward the integration of tech giant companies as the market showed a parallel interest to evolve his idea. Stefano, spent his time writing and producing music and merged it into visual digital content. His preparation for technological tools and applications became at ease to him and a clear purpose was born to help our world to embrace the relevant tools and applications. Still, as a curious creator, he today integrates technological advantages and connects technological expertises. 



- Learn about most appropriate tools and applications

- Fuse design into your culture

- Fuse AR and /or VR technologies in your business


- Deliver new products to market

- Reduce cost to operate/assemble

- Build a better customer experience

- Increase employee engagement

- Scale your design capabilities

FUSE REALITY wishes you to get a seamless customer experience and it is a process that requires people to empathize with the intended user. Building intuitive and agile methods and applications to test and refine, we can test with prototypes and predict satisfaction and the potential of revenue growth to operational excellence and employee engagement.

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interested in joining our team or working with FUSE REALITY?

We are currently seeking individuals or companies which share a similar spirit of purpose, talent, passion, and persistence to contribute to our vision and improve our world.

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FUSE REALITY Inc. 2 floor 330 fifth avenue NY NY 10001 USA +65 8389 2855


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